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Customer Review on Youtube

Welcome to Victoria's Wig. Victoria's Wig was founded in 2019 to provide simple, easy-to-manage, stylish wigs for black women. We also wanted to create a community of mutual inclusion and support. Here you're not somebody else. You are just yourself.

Because YOU matter.

We would be so grateful if you post your story with Victoria's Wig on any social media. It will help more women focus on themselves and care for themselves better.

Please @victoriaswig or email us at when you do it. We will also send you an exclusive gift to show our appreciation.

Easy Install Undetectable Lace Wig

I really love the wig. The lace lays like i don't have any buckling from what i can see. 

I did not pluck it. I did not bleach the knots. I took it out the box. I colored it. I used literally just my hot comb and my little flat iron splattered on a mannequin head and put it on that's it. It's like the easiest process ever and my lace is laying really flat. That's really important to me.

This hair is going to last I can tell yo already because it's good hair. I'm very happy with this wig.

Pixie Cut 13*6 Lace Front Wig

I've been wearing this wig for a whole just because I am feeling she's giving me elections. 

This unit is very beginner friendly. I didn't bleach. I didn't cut anything. The only thing that I do was add my makeup to the lace and to my hairline. That's all I did. So you're definitely ready to wear.

The hair is amazing. It's very soft. I haven't gotten any tangles. Slight shedding but for the most part low-maintenance.

Perfect Short Curly Afro For Any Season or Occasion

This wig is giving me my dream look, absolutely love it!

This doesn't even look like a wig~! I have finally found a one wig fits all! Any season, any occasion, natural and fashionable.

I love the length of it. I like the shape of it. I like the style of it for sure.

Color, Customize and Install Victoria's Wig

I used this hair for my graduation pictures. It colored and curled so nicely and looked amazing in photographs. I absolutely love the quality of this hair and how easy it is to apply!

Beginner Friendly HD Lace Closure Wig

My first impression while taking the wig out, I thought that it was beautiful like it was really shiny. It felf really soft.

This is an HD 5X5 wig and it is pre-plucked. So it's really very beginner friendly honestly. It comes with combs. It comes with an elastic band. You don't have to add any of that stuff.

This wig was so easy to go ahead and put on. I really recommend!

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