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Meet Victoria

“I’m Victoria. I grew up watching BET on T.V since I was a 10 years old girl. I used to secretly dance in front of the T.V like nobody else’s business until one day I asked Momma why all those black girls in the music video who’re lighter skinned than me, and why they all had such perfect bodies and how I just wanted to be like them when I grew up.

I was 10 years old.

This moment was a defining moment in my life. I think it was the first time I really felt insecurity, it probably makes sense since this was the time we all began to notice the boys at school. But I felt less than the pretty girls, I felt ugly, I felt not worthy. Was it my fault that I had different melanin levels than them? Was it my fault I was more curvy than them? Was it my mother’s fault letting me watch that trash as a 10 year old girl? I stopped caring.

When I grew up I promised myself I wouldn’t let any other black woman I met in my life feel that way again. There are thousands of you out there with some version of this story and I want to let you all know you are not alone. You ARE beautiful. Tall, thin, fat, short, light skinned, dark skinned, red boned, or what ever. You do matter girl. No matter what anyone has said to you, you DO matter.

I started Victoria’s Wig because I love wigs, (duh) but wanted to create a space for black women outside of the mainstream. For those of us who are not the Beyonces of the world. Girls listen up, we don’t tolerate any negativity here, we help inspire each other, bring each other up and push each other to do better. Y’all beautiful babe’s are all welcome here."

Why We Are Here

"Because YOU matter."
Victoria's Wig was born in early 2019. We have a dream that we want to be the brand that supports women from different walks of life. We admire the will of women to be different from the rest in a world where so many people are the same. We strive to provide hair that matches your personality.
Our team is here to help you enjoy a better experience when trying a different look. We have a sincere marketing team who is always looking for ways to connect with our customers. Our service team will do our best to respond to any questions and concerns. Our factory is located in Shandong, China, which is the world's largest manufacturing center of human hair.
We encourage you to explore more possibilities and enjoy the richness of life. We hope you enjoy being together with Victoria's Wig. Victoria is you, you are Victoria. To be a better self, because YOU matter.

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