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Living with Alopecia Areata - Customer Story

Living with Alopecia Areata - Customer Story


My name is Brittany.

My mom had long, thick, full hair to be bald and super thin. She cried every morning when she brushed her hair; then cut it short because she didn't want to see any shedding hair on everything from the shower drain to supper. Later, she started wearing scarves.

"It's just hair." I tried to reassure her like that, but I knew it would be little comfort to her. Especially when I invited her to the Christmas party, I could feel her embarrassment.

As I slowly grew older, I began to know wigs. On my mom's 42nd birthday, I ordered a wig on Amazon. It was a machine-made unit and very affordable. I will never forget that day; it seemed like the first time in all these years that I had seen a smile on my mom's face.

It's been three years since Mom wore the wig first time. It has changed our lives. Thank goodness the industry is growing fast, and we can buy a wig that looks almost exactly like our own.

Now with and without the wig, my mom looks thrilled & confident.

With or without hair, you're still the same person.

I guess yes, it's just hair.


Thanks to each one of YOU, willing to be together with Victoria's Wig. If you have any feelings or experiences, please be sure to tell us. We would love to be a listener and spread the strength to people as much as possible.

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