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Do Lace Wigs Damage My Hair?

Do Lace Wigs Damage My Hair?

This is the most common concern for wearing lace wigs. I'll love to share all the tips I've collected and practiced. If you'd like to protect your hair from damage, let's move on.

Do lace wigs damage my hair?

The answer is NO; they won't. Wigs have become a central part of the beauty world. They're low-maintenance, and you can style them both on and off your head. That's the main reason why people love wearing wigs. Actually, they help a lot to protect your natural hair.

However, incorrect methods of putting on and taking off your wig can lead to damage.

How To Put On A Lace Wig?

Wear A Wig Cap

Wearing a wig cap to have a protective barrier between the wig and your hair. There're clips on the side and the comb on the back inside the wig. It has the potential to pinch your hair and create friction.
Besides that, wearing a wig cap also helps make your wig look more natural. Choosing a wig cap close to your skin tone to help the parting of the wig look like growing from your scalp.

Apply A Powder To The Wig Cap

Apply a powder matching your skin tone, especially when your wig cap isn't close to your skin tone.

Place The Wig On Your Head

Put the wig on your hairline, then pull it forward a bit. You don't need to put the glue directly on your hairline. Take care of your edges.

Secure Your Wig And Cut Lace

Secure the wig with glue or an elastic band and cut the extra lace.

Apply Powder To The Parting Space. By doing this, we make the knots on the lace more invisible for a realistic look.

Slay The Wig

Well done, you have made it. Slay the day!

How To Remove A Lace Wig?

Wet a towel with 91% alcohol and put the alcohol around your hairline. You can remove the glue quickly.

If you don't like alcohol, try a conditioner or coconut oil. Leave it for a while. It works as well.

Take Care Of Your Natural Hair

Keep Your Hair Clean

Keeping your hair clean and dry is the key to healthy hair. Unclean or humid environments tend to harbor many bacteria that can damage the scalp's health. Whether you wear a wig, it is essential to keep your scalp clean.

Giving Your Natural Hair A Break

Give your natural hair a break after wearing a wig for several days, and allow your scalp to breathe.

Massage Your Scalp

Try to massage your scalp every time taking your wig off. It helps relax your scalp and encourages your hair to grow.

Why We Recommend Glueless Wigs?

What Does Glueless Wig Mean?

Glueless wigs do not refer specifically to any particular type of wigs. It means a wearing way. As the name suggests, glueless wigs mean they require no glue for installation.

Generally speaking, you can wear any wig without any tape or glue. Of course, it's okay if you'd like to use glue or tape to make it stay safer.

How Do Glueless Wigs Stay On?

With the help of adjustable straps and elastic bands, the wig has a snug and secure fit, even without glue.

Another way is to use the clips and combs inside the wig to pin it to your natural hair. In contrast, I recommend the bald cap method more.

Why Wear Glueless Wigs?

The best benefit of wearing glueless wigs is that it avoids the potential damage to the hairline and skin caused by glue. It saves our edges.
They're also quick and easy to wear. You can rip that off at any given moment, especially in summers.

Suppose this is your first time trying glueless wigs. I recommend starting with lace closure wigs. They are for beginners definitely!


Wearing a lace wig won't damage your hair and hairline if you wear it correctly. It protects your natural hair from heat, styling, and coloring. Overall, it offers an opportunity to change a new look without damaging our natural hair and is a big help during our hair growth!

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