How to Take Care of Human Hair Wig in Fall&Winter? (5 Hair Care Tips) | Victoria’s Wig

How to Take Care of Human Hair Wig in Fall&Winter? (5 Hair Care Tips) | Victoria’s Wig

As the weather gets colder, autumn has arrived and winter is coming. The air lacks moisture,and the wigs become fluffy, dry and rough. About human hair wigs, more care is needed in the cold season.

Here are some professional hair knowledge on how to care for your human hair wig!

Knowing how to care for your human hair wig would be important since it is quite an investment and proper hair care routine will help your hair wig last longer and ensure your wig keep its silky or wavy pattern and look great at the same time. 

Human Hair Wigs Maintenance Tips

  1. Your wig is afraid of them!

When it gets cold, all kinds of sweaters, wool products, and felt products become necessities. But you know that? These products rub against your human hair wig for long periods of time, causing your hair to become static, knotted, and rough!

So please try to keep your hair out of contact with these products for long periods of time. Perhaps you can choose a shorter style to avoid friction between the hair and the scarf. You can also warm yourself with soft, smooth, synthetic wool products that do much less damage. The least harmful to hair is silk products.


  1. The cold air is also a killer

You not only need to protect your wig against the dryer environment during the winter, but you also need to limit your use of curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, and hair dryers as much as you can. Heated styling tools fry the moisture out of your wig, which is fine when it’s humid out, but disastrous when it’s dry. Your wig is already having to handle enough with the cold, snow, and wind! Embrace a more natural look during your regular work week and on days you’re spending inside.


On the other hand, make sure you don’t go outside while your wig is still damp. If your wig is even a little bit damp when you step outside, it can freeze. Cold temperatures freeze wig hair faster than bio hair, which will cause your wig to become brittle and breakable. Pat dry your wig with a soft towel and gently style your hair as you prefer.


  1. More natural oils keep the hair alive

Real human hair is tougher than synthetic hair, but without the protection of human oils, it can be weak without the real scalp. Wigs need more oil to moisturize in cold weather than it does in summer. The right product will keep your wig shiny, pliable, and beautiful for longer.


  1. We understand your difficulty

In general, we don't recommend wearing a wig to bed. Because people are unconscious when they sleep, bedding can also cause hair damage.

But winter is so cold, every day wear a wig & off the wig is very tired. So if you're going to sleep in a wig, get yourself a silk nightcap that's big enough and strong enough. Make sure your hair is in your nightcap before you go to bed. This will give your hair a lot of protection.


  1. Do it every day, but fall & winter are more important

Where do you keep the wigs you don't use? It's beautiful on a model head, but it's not good for the long term preservation of the human hair wig. When you save a wig, first make sure it is dry. Then put it in a Hairnet (the black net that protects your hair when you buy a wig you will get it). Finally, place it in a sturdy bag where you keep your hair.

Please Don't let heavy objects crush it& don't let the sunshine directly on it. You can open it in a month or so to see how your wig looks and whether it needs attention.


We are well aware that caring for human hair wigs is not easy or convenient. But perfect care will pay off, making your wig last longer and always beautiful.

Victoria’s Wigs are made from 100% real human hair, and we have a lot of confidence in the product, so if you take good care of it, it won't be a problem for more than a few years.