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“I’m Victoria. I grew up watching BET on T.V since I was a 10 years old girl. I used to secretly dance in front of the T.V like nobody else’s business until one day I asked Momma why all those black girls in the music video who’re lighter skinned than me, and why they all had such perfect bodies and how I just wanted to be like them when I grew up.

I was 10 years old. ...

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I used this hair for my graduation pictures. It colored and curled so nicely and looked amazing in photographs. watch this youtube video to see how I colored, customized & installed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vIZ1gGHuaE&t=2s . comment if there is any other Victoria's wig you would like to see me review. follow me on insta: @ari_carri

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The way this hair is already styled and part pre-plucked hairline gives you fast simple wear or add your own style. This is high-end quality, I highly recommend it. Because of the construction, you can wear glueless. Cap is comfortable for long wear. It will fit any head size or shape. I highly recommend it I will be buying another one to add to my already collection of these. I like to have different ones because I liked them style them with different hair colors so I could just grab them.

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Y’all this hair is amazing seriously. Only think I did was bleach the knots and I honestly could’ve went without doing so. The hair is not thing at all and barely sheds. It’s thick but not too thick and very silky! Highly recommend! 

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